Travelling to France

The french government publishes current travel restrictions on this page:

COVID green pass

In addition to travel restrictions (ie "entering France") additional limitations currently exist for many other activities including entering restaurants and attending scientific meetings. Due to current laws in France, we will have to check that all in-person participants have a valid EU digital COVID certificate Please make sure you have a readable 2D-DOC QR-code with you (in a phone app or on paper) before attempting to join the in-person event.

The official way to check sanitary passes is to scan a QR-code with the "TousAntiCovid Verif" app. This app is available at no cost on the android and ios app stores. Especially for people from non-EU countries, we very strongly suggest that you install this app and check your own QR-code. Please contact us with subject "green pass" if your QR code fails to validate.

PLEASE NOTE we have no flexibility at all about this and will follow the procedure below:

  • We will use the official app "TousAntiCovid Verif" to check sanitary passes at the entrance of the university.
  • Only people showing a QR-code accepted by the "TousAntiCovid Verif" app will be allowed to enter the conference rooms.

Valid QR codes can be obtained in 30 minutes following an antigenic test, see where to do it in Nice at

Conference location

Dynamicsdays will take place at the Faculté des Sciences de l'Université de Nice, parc Valrose:

Chateau de Valrose

More specifically, all sessions will be in the Maths building, on the right on this image "M". The entrance of the university is at the left edge, it takes 5-10 minutes to walk up to the Maths building (beware the ducks near the pond, no swimming allowed).

valrose map

How to get to the university

The most convenient way is to use the tram line number 1, which stops about 300 meters away from the entrance of the university. It is the thick red north-south line on the (large) pdf map of public transportation. The tram station is called "Valrose université".

You can also use the city's interactive map of public transportation

Where to stay

Many guests have been happy at the following locations which are conveniently located with respect to the science faculty. Please note that we have not made any form of booking.