• All talks will be delivered on Zoom, whether or not the speaker is present in Nice. The Zoom meetings will take place on 6 parallel channels, with licenses provided by us. These will be regular Zoom meetings and will be co-hosted by one the organizers and the session chair, who will invite online or on-site speakers to share screen. Speakers and attendees will be given a list of Zoom links, one for each channel.

  • At least 6 rooms and one lecture theatre will be available on site. Each room will display one channel, from a dedicated laptop. If a speaker in that channel is present in the room, they can give the talk on site. Speakers will be asked to seat while talking, in front of a laptop.

  • We can host at most 150 participants, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • We can not guarantee social events, coffee breaks, dinners, owing to the current uncertainty and restrictions. We will provide pointers for where to go, and we hope that some of these initiatives will be improvised.

  • It is crucial that speakers register for the conference. In the registration form, you can express your intention to come to Nice. Please do not tick "Yes" lightly, since there is limited availability. We can not guarantee, at this stage, that there will be a sit for you in any given room, and we will strive to give priority to on-site speakers.

  • The conference is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. In particular, Zoom links will be circulated only to registered participants: please register here.